A picture is worth a thousand words right?

If that is truly the case, these make up pictures should add up to a billion words! I'm so sorry that I have been out of the blog loop for awhile, but I hope you follow the Melibelle Facebook... I'm always uploading sneak peeks over there! :) Enjoy this little catch up! :)

First up my Niece!

Next up SR Zack

We had some fun in the bluebonnets!

Some newborn loves!

And back to another Sr!

And then some wedding loves... could this be more all over the map!?!?!?!

And back to yet ANOTHER Sr!!! :) and her sister and daddy!

i LOVE that she rocked her converse in this photograph... my kinda girl! :)

Some more newborn lovies!

Swift family are new friends to Melibelle and they were a blast!!

This e-session was a blast! IT's my cousin and her man... can't wait until the wedding. I won't be the photographer b/c I'm in it... and it's going to be a blast! :)

My amazingly talented step-daughters dance portraits for 2010!

And this sweet little man I've had the pleasure of photographing twice before... once in his mommy's belly and when he was a newborn! Now he's about to turn one!

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