Zip, The Wonder Dog!

Zip is a famous dog…well, at least he is to his mommy's friends! Years ago, LeeAnna started sending out Halloween cards with Zip in his costume. It’s gotten so popular among her friends that they all start hounding her around the end of September to find out what they can expect from Zip that year!! I should also note that I’m not even allowed to show the photos until after Halloween! Therefore, now that the last Halloween candy has been given out, here’s Zip...2010 edition! Go Cowboys!!!!!! Although, with the way they are playing these days, Zip might be rethinking his costume choice this year! ;)

The Last Days of Three...

This Mama and I go WAY back! We worked together at my very first job right out of high school when I was the ripe old age of 18!! These days we happen to share a best friend and I’m so happy that her sweet family is still in my life 15 years later! ;) We went out to document their family as it is now because it will be changing in just a short few months and let me tell you, Miss R was a BLAST! She was a posing fool for me and I was absolutely in heaven! Thank you so much for picking me to forever freeze your family at this time in photographs! I am honored!

The P family

The P family is new to Melibelle and oh my goodness, did we have a blast! Miss E and I hit it off right off the bat!! Around halfway through she was so gracious to share her accessories with me and I was rockin’ her bracelet and necklace! Mom was also so kind to let me take her brand spanking new love outside and brave it in the sticker burrs...let me tell you, it was so worth it! These are some of my all time favorite newborn portraits EVER! You have probably guessed that I loved my time with the P family..thank you for allowing me to document this special time for your family!

True Love

I don't even know where to start when describing the wonderful evening that I had at this wedding! I had absolutely the most fun! Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I felt like a member of the party and not in the least bit like I was working, which is such a treat for me! It helps a little bit that I knew some of the family… and three of them were my family! ;) John and Lois are the perfect picture of love! You could just feel so much love between them that seemed to rub off on everyone in the room! Please accept my heartfelt congratulations again, John & Lois! I have absolutely no doubt that you will have a blissfully wonderful happy marriage!

Had to sneak in one of my sweet niece! ;)

Some BFF love!!

I am sure that many of you have met my best friend Jeni, who is so wonderful to help me from time to time with Melibelle! I seriously could not ask for a better friend and I could not love her more!! This time around she’s on the other side of the camera with her sweet family for their yearly photos. They are always so kind to let me play and try new things with them and I’m forever grateful for it. These are by far my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of them…okay, so I say that every year, but I digress. I really mean it this time. Thank you Jeni for everything you do; I simply couldn’t make it without you!

twice as sweet!

At this point, it will come as no surprise that newborns tend to be my favorite subjects! When there are two newborns, I’m just in double heaven!!! That is exactly where I was for this session with these absolutely precious twin girls. One newborn session usually takes a while… so with double trouble, it was definitely a lengthy process! Mom and Dad, you were great while I tried to capture the fleeting tiny moments of your beautiful girls. Thank you for allowing me to do just that!

Mommy knitted this sweet yellow blanket while on bed rest! Makes this portrait so personal and special!