Where to begin with these two? I have known this blushing bride since we were in middle school! In high school she met the man of her dreams and they were absolutely head over heels for each other. You know, the crazy beautiful kind of love that makes you sick and jealous at the same time? They were that couple. They dated off and on through high school and I was just positive that they would marry and never part. Life happened (as it usually does at that age) and they drifted apart. About now you’re saying Melissa.. this seems like a weird blog post for an engaged couple! I’m right, aren’t I? Surprise! Fate intervened and brought these two crazy in love high school kids back together! And I have been so fortunate to be the one to document this sweet time in their love story! Their wedding is in 3 days and I can't wait!! :) Congrats you guys!

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