flowers and sweet sweet toddlers

This sweet girl came to Melibelle through a referral from one of my favorite little men, which is the HIGHEST compliment I can get from my clients & friends! Needless to say, I was honored to take Miss K's photos one sunny beautiful day at the arboretum. She was the bell of the ball so to speak... everyone that walked by had to stop and interact with her and gush about how sweet and cute she was. She was the most well behaved toddler going as far as Momma telling her to stand here and smile and she actually would!! She's under 2... it was crazy awesome!! :) And lucky for me, they asked me to take little bro's newborn pics, so I got to play with them again a few weeks after these photos where taken! :) I love my job! :)

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Melissa P said...

What happened to my comment I already posted....? I have loved everything I have seen so far!!! You really have the ninch for this type of thing!!! You are really great to work with!!! Thank you for being so patient and easy going!! It makes the process so much more enjoyable!!!
Melissa P

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