yet another newborn!!

I was lucky enough to be a part of this special family before Miss K came into the picture! It's always a treat to see a family before and after a new baby and experience the dynamic change of bringing a wonderful new being into their everyday life! This family did not disappoint... they've changed and adapted to this lovely little girl in their life like she was always there. By simply being in their home for a few hours, you can just feel the family closeness and love and I count myself privileged to have been a part of this special time in their life!

This first photo describes perfectly the family love and adoration I'm referring to with this special family!

This momma was one of my favorite kind... daring! She let my creativity run wild and just went along for the ride!!

Everyone showing Miss K some loves!

Daddy is a police officer... I just HAD to do something with it! :)

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