Walk, walk, walking....

This is literally all that Mr. C wanted to do! :-) He is a very typical "almost" two year old, complete with new found independence...he was on the go the entire time and we tried just about every trick in the book to get him to sit with his parents! Despite the fact that he refused to sit and pose (and really...will any two year old??), I think we got some stunning shots and it was definitely a day not to be forgotten!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sun flare in the photo with dad!!

Finally he was too tired to fight us!! :)

My favorite moment also falls into the outtake category...in an attempt to get the little man into the shot with his parents, Dad was throwing him up in the air and proceeded to lose one of his shoes in the stream!! Dad saved the day, but the shoe was absolutely soaked through. Luckily Super Mom had a backup pair in the car. Now how is that for a fun outtake?! :-)

this is the moment right before!!

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Anonymous said...

I love 'em!! Chase is so freakin cute!!! His cheeks are adorable!!

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