Family time at the Lake

This family marked the beginning of a very busy photography week in Tyler! These folks are related to my sister by marriage so technically we are not relatives, but you'd never know it! We met up before my niece's first birthday party and took some time to do their family portraits! Amanda told me that she hated photo time and it was usually so stressful for her, so I really hope this session wasn't that bad! Everyone did a FANTASTIC job and we got some great shots! Enjoy your sneak peek!

While Mr D was throwing leaves and Miss M was keeping an eye on him, Dad and Mom snuck in some portraits of just the two of them! They told me it had been WAY too long since they'd had any of just the two of them, so we simply had to remedy that! :)

With two little ones under the age of seven, the outtakes are I chose my favorite four to share!! :)

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