A new Nephew!

My brother-in-law had a new little baby boy and you know I was right there to take his photographs!! I have been fairly vocal about my love for capturing the fleeting memories of a newborns first days, so you can imagine how happy it makes me to do this for our families! We spent the afternoon loving on this little man and capturing a few portraits in between! And a special shout out goes to grandma who saved the day with a trip to Target to buy a bean bag... which I left at home!! Bad photographer! We were making do without but she made it so much easier by getting one! :) Thanks again! :)

My fav from the day by far!

i love capturing the detail of newborns!! It all fades so fast...the peeling skin, how tiny every thing is, and he has an amazing pair of lips!! :) He could be a lip model... if there is such a thing!! :)

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Chalna said...

MEL! The shot in the polka-dot blanket needs to seriously be on the cover of a magazine! WOW!

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