Little men with little smiles!

I met up with the H family for a Christmas shoot and we all had a wonderful time, although as for the little man...I'm not so sure. :-) Mom assured me after our session that he was wound up and happy as could be, so I think he secretly had fun! He kept his smiles to himself for the most part, but once he decided to bestow one on me, it was fantastic!! I personally love to photograph a serious face, so I was extremely happy with things, but I did want to capture a smile or two for Mom and Dad. on earth could you not adore this sweet face either way?! :-)

This is my absolute favorite from the day!!

This is my favorite picture of the day by a long shot!! Dad had to leave a bit early, so we were trying very hard to get Mr. R to smile in at least one picture with him before his departure. It was just not happening because the precious little guy was studying and analyzing absolutely EVERYTHING! He had no time to be bothered with something as silly and mundane as smiling for silly portraits! So this was Dad's version of Mr. R smiling...could they be any sweeter?!

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