Some serious sweet baby boy love!

This precious little man was an absolute dream come true to photograph and because of his calm and cozy disposition, I was able to capture some of my favorite newborn shots! He was incredibly sleepy and I took full advantage of the situation; thankfully he has the sweetest momma in the world and she had no problem with me playing with her snoozing little dreamer. Normally I prefer to shoot newborns in the first ten days of their life because they sleep more and allow for better shoots, but due to scheduling conflicts, Mr. W was slightly older than that by the time we got to together. Luckily, he transcended the “ten day” rule and slept peacefully throughout shoot! He was delicious in every way and the pictures turned out fantastic…Christy, thank you for letting me love on your sweet boy! I had the most amazing time!

And had to share this sweet one of Mr W and his Momma!! It just melts my heart!


Michelle Kincaide said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for you to photograph my precious baby girl! I have a son also but he HATES having his picture

Chalna said...

this makes me want to have another baby right now! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! He is so freakin cute!!! The pics are amazing!! They are seriouly some of my fav's that you have ever taken! And I've been a fan from the beginning!!!! It doesn't hurt that I love that sweet boy either!! They are amazing Melissa! Love ya! Jeni

Anonymous said...

Melissa, these are really great!! I love the one at the top where he is on his stomach and the one of them both!!!You truly have a ya

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