Love is in the air

This couple has officially surpassed my wildest expectations as a photographer and handily stole my heart in what can only be considered one of my favorite photo shoots of all time. They were simply a dream to work with and required very little assistance to convey the love that was clearly written all over their faces. My job was only to steer them in the right direction and then their hearts swiftly took over the moment, turning the entire day into a testament of their love and commitment to each other. They held each other and shared sweet kisses and whispers…he made her laugh in the one true way that only your soul mate can. I will readily admit to not being the touchy feely sort, but after spending a morning with these two precious people, I am beginning to see the merit! If you are thinking about having an engagement session or simply want to honor your own love, please study these pictures and think about sharing an afternoon with my lens. This couple quickly seemed to forget that I was even in the vicinity, which made for some truly incredible photos. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for giving me the chance to witness such happiness in person. Stephanie, I could not be happier that you have obviously landed your Prince Charming!


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cridley said...

Ohhhhhh - I love the mirror shot! VERY creative!!!
Good job as always!!

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