The Reinert's Sneak Peek!

So I meet up with an old friend from my high school days to get some pics of her and her sweeties! And sweeties they were... her little man was such a big help and a good poser! I think he liked it just a little! ;) And little miss thing was so much fun to chase around! Plus it's always a bonus when I get to see someone from my past!!! :) Enjoy your sneak peek Kristin!

You can just see the love!!! I adore both of these shots!

Look at those two sweet faces!!! She's one lucky Momma!

On a side note... I'm kinda geeky about computers a little!! So my inner computer nerd came out last night and I was bound and determined to figure out how to post bigger pictures on here for you! So After ALOT of googling and trial and error I figured it out!! YEAH!! So leave me a comment and let me know what you think... also got a new format for pics on here let me know what you think about that as well!! :) Oh and PLEASE keep my nasty little secret about my inner computer nerd! Can't be letting just anyone know this about me!! ;) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the mom holding the little girl up and you see their sillohette! It is a beautiful picture!! I'm a huge fan of your blog and it makes me wish I had children so you could take pics of us!! LOL!! I love the new format! You're doing a great job! I won't tell you're a computer geek!! It'll be just between us!!

cridley said...

I just happen to know that awesomely cute trio, and you captured them beautifully! I love your new BIG proofs!!

Kristin Reinert said...

So cute Melissa, I can't wait to see the rest of them. I had a lot of fun posing for the pics with my kids, you've captured them beautifully. The format looks great.

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