Another Mommy to be!

Meet Christy and Jack... I had the MOST fun with these guys!!! They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr. W... which I'm told at the latest will be next Thur! YEAH!! Jack was funny and silly... couldn't make a straight face to save his life... well with the exception of his "model" face! At one point he told me he was going to charge me OT for taking so many pics of him!! LOL!! Seriously I had so much fun he keep me and Christy in stitches most the session!! I can't wait to meet and capture little Mr. W's first few days for you guys!! :) Thanks for showing me such a great time you guys! :)

Christy and Jack are HUGE, let me say that again, HUGE football fans. NFL and on the college level... in fact they are a house divided! Thus the reason for the picture below! We pulled these fun helmets out of Mr. W's room! I'm going to try and incorporate them to his newborn shoot!

If you know me very well you will know I'm not one to "brag" about my photography. In fact most the time I first see any flaw in my work rather than the good. However for the pic below I knew IMMEDIATELY when I saw it on the back of the camera that it would be one of my all time favorites! I even said so to Christy... she probably thought I was crazy!! And as guessed I love love love this shot! We had some AMAZING light and it just turned out perfect!! :)


Anonymous said...

You are an mazing photographer!!! I can't say henough how cute the one is of her belly with the little helmets!!! Way to know your clients!!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa!! These are great!! Christy looks so pretty!! You are an amazing photographer!! Plus you have great subjects with this session!!! Love you!


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