Ransome sneak peek

If you take a sweltering summer day in Texas, combine it with a trip to the Dallas Arboretum and then throw a toddler in the mix, you end up with one hot day and the distinct possibility of major meltdowns. My subject, Little Miss H, was undaunted by the heat and had an absolute blast running around playing while I attempted to keep up with her two year old exuberance. As I have been living inside these pictures during the editing process, I could not help but look into her eyes and wonder what must have been going through that adorable little head while the crazy redhead chased her around with a large black camera for hours! She was an excellent sport and seemed to decide early on that it was not that bad being followed around by her own paparazzi. I was even able to capture a few smiles here and there, which are a rare find since she saves them for only the most special moments. I consider myself very lucky to say that I have photographed this precious little girl since she was in her Mama’s belly. These are the parts of my career that bring me the most personal fulfillment; watching these babies grow up in front of me and getting the honor of turning those moments into art and memories that will be cherished by these families for a lifetime. This is when you realize that your clients have inadvertently become an extension of your family and watching them grow and change is suddenly apart of who you are. Photography is an intimate relationship with people inviting you to look through your lens at their private lives and turn their moments into memories.

The Pièce de résistance was without a doubt the watermelon outfit! Just add matching shoes and she was ALL DIVA!

For the special summer attraction this year, The Arboretum set up precious little play houses all over the grounds, each one highlighting a traditional children's story. Miss H was in heaven running and playing in each and every one. This particular one was a miniature house with two doors and Miss H chased Mommy around and around through them endlessly. This shot was a result of this chase and I ADORE it... I think it might be one of my all time favorites of her!

So Mom and I plotted prior to the session for these shots; it was all Melanie's idea and I LOVED it. She kept the lollipop well hidden from Miss H until we were nearing the end. Everyone was tired and hot and the poor little angel was about done with us and this silly picture thing... that is until Mama the Good Fairy bestowed her surprise present on her tired little princess...A LOLLIPOP!! Have you ever seen a kid be any happier? Seriously!

Moral of the story: Mom's, if you have an idea for your children's portraits PLEASE tell me when we are planning your shot. We can get the shot you've been dreaming of with a little planning and plotting! And of course, a little bribery. :-) Just let me know what you dream about capturing and I will do my best to find a plan that will make it come true! You have but to ask!


Chalna said...

the one where she is looking in the doorway...TOO MUCH!!

Charlotte said...

the watermelon shots are fantastic!

Emily said...

These are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Mommy said...

I must say that she is the cutest kid ever! You did an awesome job capturing her personality eventhough she is not a smiler :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! She is adorable! I love the one where she's framed in the door way too! Precious!! The lollipop ones are gonna be adorable! Can't wait to see the rest!! i almost cried reading you're blog today!! It's fantastic!!! Partly cuz i know my kids fall into that group!! I love you!!!


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