the Hernandez Family

I have a weakness for grandparents…a secret soft spot in my heart for the innate sweetness that comes from loving grandbabies…and that makes this photo shoot very special to me. Every five years this beautiful family gathers all of their members together for a giant portrait and this year Janet commissioned me to do the honors. It took mere moments in their presence to realize that I had stepped into a close-knit family whose strong bond would be glowingly obvious in all the pictures that I would take. They were a willing crowd up for anything and I was able to get not only the group shot, but also individual family portraits as well. The highlight of the day was easily the session with the grandchildren; I found myself getting carried away in the light of their joy and ended up apologizing for keeping the parents waiting with our antics! The little sprites were full of good ideas and reveling in the fun, which I have no doubt their parents and grandparents are well accustomed to. Enjoy your sneak peek Hernandez family…it was a delight to be surrounded by such love and I hope to meet again soon!

This one is just the girls…you can feel the love for their grandmother radiating from this picture and for that reason, I adore it.

When I met Janet and her husband, I immediately thought about taking a few shots of just the two of them. As it turns out, they had just celebrated their anniversary days before the shoot and were more than willing subjects. They were so adorable and still so obviously in love…and Janet looked simply amazing in her killer dress!

When I walked away with the grandchildren in tow, Janet called out specific instructions…natural pictures and no posing! It then came as no surprise that this energetic bunch loved to pose and proceeded to do just that! Sorry, Janet! They were so hysterical; after we took these shots, the girls noted to each other that they were “so going to be in trouble for these”. How adorable are they?! :-)


Anonymous said...

How cute!! Everything looks so fun!!! You make me wanna hire you!!!! I love the blog!!! You make each experience with these families feel special!! I love that about you!!! I know we'll really enjoy having you take our pictures!!! Thanks Melissa!

Chalna said...

The last one is my favorite!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sepia pic where they're sitting under the tree!! It's beautiful!!! You are amazing!!! Love you!!!


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