the Kiel's

My growing photography business has given me more than just an outlet for my own passion; it has also brought me joy in subtle gifts that never cease to surprise me. One such gift is the rare opportunity to reconnect with friends from long ago and see their new world through the lens of my camera. The Kiel family is a prime example of this gift. I went to school with Michelle’s husband Jim and her older sister Melissa, and during our shoot I had the chance to meet not only the precious Kiel children, but Melissa’s also. They were older and wiser and amazing helpers with the much adored little ones. Melissa’s son is her very image and it caused me to smile and shake my head on more than one occasion! How wonderful to see the face of a childhood friend so perfectly placed on her little boy! After a shoot with the four grandchildren, I headed downtown with the Kiel family for a change in venue and more fantastic shots. The day was a resounding success and while I have no doubt that my sanity was questioned during our treks all over creation, I know in my heart that they will think it all worthwhile when they see the pictures below! They are a beautiful family and it is an honor to capture these memories for them.

I could seriously eat these little cheeks for a snack!!! :) Such great baby goodness!

To say that I am in love with this family picture is putting it mildly! I wish we had a family picture just like it!! :)

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Cool story! and great pictures.

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