I got to photograph Zac Efron...

Okay…so that is a slight exaggeration…but I DID get the chance to photograph a young man that could easily be his stunt double! To say that J is cute would be a gross understatement according to my step-daughter and her best friend, who were along for the ride for this session and extremely happy about it. My husband works with the Cox family, so we all packed up and headed out together for this photo shoot, which was a wonderful treat. The girls ended up being the same age as J and this led to some major flirting and a good bit of teasing from me and Mama Cox. A great time was had by all and some truly fantastic pictures came out of the evening!!

Momma & her handsome boys!

I had to throw in the flirting I caught on camera!

PS…thanks for being so patient, Mom! :)

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