Zip, The Wonder Dog!

Zip is a famous dog…well, at least he is to his mommy's friends! Years ago, LeeAnna started sending out Halloween cards with Zip in his costume. It’s gotten so popular among her friends that they all start hounding her around the end of September to find out what they can expect from Zip that year!! I should also note that I’m not even allowed to show the photos until after Halloween! Therefore, now that the last Halloween candy has been given out, here’s Zip...2010 edition! Go Cowboys!!!!!! Although, with the way they are playing these days, Zip might be rethinking his costume choice this year! ;)


Celia said...

He is freekin adorable! (but not as cute as my wonder dog Gus.) ;-/

Tricia B said...

I love Zip Cantu. He is a celeb!

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