The P family

The P family is new to Melibelle and oh my goodness, did we have a blast! Miss E and I hit it off right off the bat!! Around halfway through she was so gracious to share her accessories with me and I was rockin’ her bracelet and necklace! Mom was also so kind to let me take her brand spanking new love outside and brave it in the sticker burrs...let me tell you, it was so worth it! These are some of my all time favorite newborn portraits EVER! You have probably guessed that I loved my time with the P family..thank you for allowing me to document this special time for your family!

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Anonymous said...

OMG Melissa!!! These are AMA-ZA-ZING!!!!! I love love love 'em!!!! That sweet baby!!! You are a truly gifted photographer!!! i am so blessed to feel like I have helped a small part in your business!!! I love you!! Jeni

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