True Love

I don't even know where to start when describing the wonderful evening that I had at this wedding! I had absolutely the most fun! Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I felt like a member of the party and not in the least bit like I was working, which is such a treat for me! It helps a little bit that I knew some of the family… and three of them were my family! ;) John and Lois are the perfect picture of love! You could just feel so much love between them that seemed to rub off on everyone in the room! Please accept my heartfelt congratulations again, John & Lois! I have absolutely no doubt that you will have a blissfully wonderful happy marriage!

Had to sneak in one of my sweet niece! ;)


Chalna said...

This makes me want to get married all over again! I love it!

Celia said...

Beautiful creamy, soft, luscious shots!

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