Let's start with one of my favorite little men of all time! Mr. J is just so much stinking fun to be with! I told his mom that I don't know how she gets anything done all day because I'd just want to sit and play with him! He's funny and loving... he makes me giggle the whole time I'm with him! He stole my heart the first time I met him in 09'... we were at the Arboretum and he refused to hold either of his parents hands, but reached up to take my finger as we were walking! I was powerless to resist falling in love on the spot!! I was beyond thrilled to start off 2010 with him. We had a blast as usual!

These photographs will serve as his two year old photos, which is a very special tradition in his Daddy’s family. His grandmother made the outfit he is wearing in the first photo! Mr. J’s dad had his own two year old photos taken in that very outfit, so there was no choice but to do the same for sweet J. We had to follow up with a few Dallas Cowboy shots for Dad…I heard he is a big fan! :)

I had to share this last one to give you a window into the little guy at his best…playing and being silly! He must have done this about 100 times and I laughed literally every single time; he would poke his head out and then dissolve in laughter at himself. What a wonderful day with a precious boy!

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