Spring is in the air

and I am beside myself for all things green and beautiful again! How about you? Anyone living in the great state of Texas knows that we have a very limited window of opportunity to bask in the comfortable weather before the heat turns into summer sweat…so while it is here, I will continue to be a giddy girl about it!

Melibelle is still going strong and I am thrilled to be back on the blog. The Christmas season was extremely busy and a bit overwhelming, which is not a complaint in the least! I intended to take a short blog break in January and that turned into a much longer reprieve than I imagined. Spring has brought a rebirth of energy, so I decided to jump back in and start sharing with you again! I have been photographing a steady stream of absolute stunning cuteness, so I will start sharing the sessions that I have missed writing about. As for today, I will begin with some wonderful spring images that I took this past week. Enjoy this beautiful season with me and the short time it is here in Texas!

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