Before & After...

Only because I told a fellow photographer who is a rockin' wedding photographer I would!! :) So here it is a straight out of the camera shot and then edited version, gives you guys a good idea of what I do to your portraits before they arrive in your gallery!

BODY: CANON 40D LENS: 17-50MM F/2.8 FOCAL LENGTH: 47mm ISO: 200 EXPOSURE: 1/60 at f/4

What do you think about before and after? Would you like to see more?


amy karp PHOTOGRAPHY said...

good job! your SOOC work is nice, I dont know what you were so worried about!

Anonymous said...

I think they both look great!! The subject is an exceptionally beautiful child!!! I heard she looks just like her mother!!! LOL! J/K The one you edited makes her eyes stand out more! Cami says it makes her hair look prettier too! We both know that an 8 year olds opinion is one to trust!!! But for real! She's right the edited pic is better! you do a great job!! Love ya


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