Announcement and A new PBM friend Mr. "D"

Because I know everyone these days is on some kinda of social networking site or has a blog or both! And would most likely have the photographs you get from Photography by Melibelle on these sites I've decided to include for every client 5 web sized files for you to put on these web sites! :) YEA! Just wanted to let everyone know! :)

Now PBM had a new little friend Mr. "D". We took pictures a few weeks ago when he was up here in the DFW area for a poppy ole' doctor's appointment. So he and I had some fun before the appt at his Great Aunt's house, which was beautiful by the way! He was Mr. Serious for most of the day, I did manage to catch a few smiles! Mostly when Momma would play peak a boo with him!! :) So for Momma here is a sneak peak of your precious little man!!

On a side note... you can leave comments!! I love comments! Let me know what you like... what you hate (hopefully you don't hate anything on here) hehe! Or just say what's up!! :)

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Katie said...

I can't stop looking at the sneak peak of the pictures of my baby boy! :) I LOVE these pictures and cannot wait to see the rest of them! Your work is wonderful!

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