Welcome to my new Photography blog!

Welcome to my brand spakin' new photography blog! As I have been blessed and Photography by Melibelle is growing I decided it was time to take the blog step! You see all the photographers I admire and look at there site often have a blog! they share sneak peaks, tid bits of each shot, tid bits of themselves, news about Photography by Melibelle (PBM),  and I just adore them. So I hope that this blog will become something you, my customers, and friends can come to adore as well! I'll give you a warning now... I'm no grand writer!! I use ... and !! WAY to much but I'm just so darn excited about photography and everything that it involves that I feel a million !! is totally in order!! :) 

Now I just want to share a glimpse into me and why I love photography so very much! I'll start by explaining my love for my own family's photographs. I'm a HUGE fan of ANYTHING that is from my past or my family's past. Recently my grandmother gave me 2 boxes of photographs from my childhood... this is like GOLD to me! My parents are divorced so I have very few glimpses of this life, so when I get them you'd think I won the lottery! My husband was laughing at me cause I looked and looked at these pictures for 2 hours! I was little and cute and I love to see the love my parents had for me when I was just an infant and can't remember! This is what I'm thinking about anytime I'm behind my camera. It's constantly running through my head that some day someone will adore these pictures as much as I adore the boxes I recently received. Again about 6 months ago my grandmother handed over my mother's bridal pictures and my parent wedding album... being divorced neither of them care about them but MAN do I! I wasn't born when they got married so I LOVE to see these, and I'm always thinking that when I'm shooting a wedding... their future children are going to LOVE seeing their parents as a young and so in love couple! Wow I think I may have to go look at all these pics again!! Anyhoo just wanted to share with everyone my passion for taking your pictures and a little history on it! :) 

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