Tea parties, tutu's & cowboy boots... what more is there in life?

This particular session got changed at the very LAST MINUTE... as in the night before! We came up with this new plan and BOY OH BOY am I EVER glad we did! Miss M and I go back a long way, so I'm always SOOOO happy to photograph her and all her beauty! Let me tell you, I had no clue how this crazy tea party idea I concocted was going to turn out! I just knew that with this beauty and some good ole' imagination, it had to turn out amazing...and did it ever! I adore and I mean ADORE every single portrait that I took this day! Mom and I worked hard and it was HOOOOT, but so worth it! :) Thanks again Kerri for allowing me to document your little angel in every stage of life!

my favorite from the day!!

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