more trying out of new toys

I am very lucky to have a lot of test subjects at my disposal when trying out new things with Melibelle Photography. My best friend’s kiddos are beautiful and willing partners in putting this business together and for that I am honored! It has been about two months since this test session and I am finally getting a break to spend some time inside these amazing pictures. I can’t express in words what wonderfully willing models these children have been for me or how much I appreciate them standing by and helping out during all the trials and tribulations that are inevitable when starting up a new venture. Each child has their own nuances and gifts that spark to life when I bring out the camera and I love each and every one of them. “C”, the middle child, is an extrovert who loves to play with me and the camera…and the camera adores her right back!

The youngest child, who is also the only boy, shocked us all by actually asking to take more pictures!

The oldest, “A” is incredibly sweet and full of quiet confidence, which I think explodes out of her photographs.

And had to throw in the impromptu family shot that I absolutely adore!

I have known all three of these children since the day they were born, so I know that I see a lot of my own personal experience with them when I look at the shots. It is my greatest wish for my clients to have the same experience when looking at their own sessions with me. I strive with each and every session to take photographs that depict the essence of my subject…to capture the heart and soul of a person so that a framed picture in your home comes to life in your mind when you look at it. I want the memory that it captures to be a permanent reminder of a precious moment in time that will make you smile every single time your eyes drift past it. This is the dialogue that runs through my mind while I work with you…taking your life at this precise instant and turning it into a lifetime. Please enjoy the sneak peek!


Anonymous said...

They are so good! you're right I'm totally crying! I love you and the pics you take of my children/family! Thanks so much you're amazing and i can't tel you how much you mean to the 5 of us!!


Lindsey said...

I LOVE that family shot!! Adorable!! One of these days you're gonna have to shoot our fam of 7!! Hopefully sooner rather than later!!!

PBMelibelle said...

Lindsey think we could get all 5 boys on top of one another?!?! that would be a fun challenge! :)

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