ughhhhhh do I have to????

So as a photographer I love to cruse through other photographers blogs whom I look up to to get inspiration and just in general to learn and keep up my mojo! So the other day as I was doing just this I stumbled on a challenge post... that couldn't have come at a better time. While on vacation a few weeks ago I realized I HATE to have my picture taken! Silly right ?!?! I'm the photographer, I should be ok with it right? WRONG! So here is the post that made me take a pic of myself! I did! And got two I'm OK with. Now part of the post was no "fixing" skin etc in photoshop. So this is me... no photoshoping! I just sharpened it a bit and did the fun seventies thing I heart so much on my own pics! Please also not I didn't even fix the mark on my tooth that my braces left oh so many years ago!!! That's right I'm letting you all see my deepest darkest secret!!! I hate that mark! Anyway here I am! If you have yet to meet me now you can see me! Or my face anyway! It's hard to take a self portrait of more than your face!!! :) An because one of my furbabies is a better sport than the other I have to throw in a few cutie pics of her!!! Mostly cause I hate a post all about me!! :)

this one's my fav cause I'm not smiling!! I like the serious look!!! :)

her fav activity... bath time!! ;)

Olivia sun bathing!!

So if I haven't meet you in person nice to meet you!! :)

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