Sweet times 2!!

I have the the best job in the world, getting to capture a lovely sweet little family that just had twin boys! Not sure what it was about these 2 little men but I was so involved and at home with them when I started packing up I realized I had been there for 4 hours!! As embarrassing as this will be to admit I actually teared up towards the last part of the shot when we put the boys together for pics. They had the best big sister who helped when needed and just chilled when needed! All in all I had a GREAT time shooting this family!

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Anonymous said...

We so enjoyed our time with you! The patience you showed to be able to capture just the right expression on their faces made the pictures priceless, and Abby's smile was the best! So spontaneous. I was so thrilled they chose to do the location shots at the house and I was able to be a part of it. We made a memory that day and you captured it on film for us! Thank you and God bless you and your work! Rachel's mom

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